Vacation rentals in Fern Forest and Fern Acres

Welcome to the beautiful tropical wonderlands of Fern Forest and Fern Acres. Both lovely communities are in Hawaii County, Hawaii on the island of Hawaii. Make sure to check out the beautiful beaches while in the area. Surf, swim, tan, and have a blast while enjoying the beaches. Guests that have never surfed before, are strongly encouraged to take a surfing class at one of the local surf schools before hitting the waves. Are you and your fellow vacationers interested in seeing a volcano while on vacation? Take the Lava Ocean Tour and hop aboard a guided boat as you are taken near flowing lava. There is also a volcano viewing area in Kalpana Park if you feel like you must see more of the volcano. Be sure to check out a few of the state or local parks while in the area. Most of these parks are chalked full of spellbinding hiking trails leading to majestic waterfalls hidden deep in the tropical forestry or to overlooks offering breathtaking nature views. The beaches in this area are another fantastic place to spend some of your vacation time. Surf, tan, and swim at the beaches and enjoy a beautiful sunset in evening. Guests that are new to surfing are encouraged to take a local surf class before hitting the waves. With all the adventuring going on around the island, we suggest guests take periodic breaks to stop by a few of the local spas. The spas offer a variety of massages and other therapeutic treatments and are a great way to keep your body feeling great as you enjoy on the area has to offer. Fern forest and Fern Acres are both chalked full of amazing activities to participate in during your time in the area. We’ll see you on the beach!


  • Surf, tan, and swim at the beaches
  • Take a surf class
  • Take a guided boat tour to see the volcano
  • Go to the park to view the volcano
  • Traverse state and local park hiking trails
  • Enjoy massages at local spas
  • Much more!!

With some many great activities to participate in, in both Fern Forest and Fern Acres, guests are sure to work up an appetite. For guests that are traveling with and or are vegan we highly suggest visiting Café Ono. This lovely establishment serves a variety of vegan options consisting of fresh local produce that is both organic and delicious. For vacationers looking to try the local Hawaiian cuisine, we recommend partaking in meals at both Ohelo Café and Honi Wai Café. Both fine local establishments serve up a variety of unique Hawaiian dishes and are great places to try new things! Mix up the style of food you’re eating I the area with a visit to Texas Island BBQ. Didn’t think you could get Texas BBQ in Hawaii? You were wrong! Thai Thai Bistro and Bar is also in the area and serves up delicious spicy Thai food. Whether your looking for Texas BBQ or local Hawaiian food, there is a little bit of everything offered in the dining scene in Both Fern Forest and Fern Acres.


  • Ohelo Café
  • Café Ono
  • Thai Thai Bistro and Bar
  • Texas Island BBQ
  • Honi Wai Café
  • Many more!

Fern Forest as well as Fern Acres are fantastic places to shop due to their unique blend of shopping centers, art galleries, and gift/clothing stores. Fraternize with local artists and pick out a one of a kind souvenir at the Volcano Art Center. Hit Keaau ’au Shopping Center for a day of retail therapy at its various retail locations. This shopping center also has restaurants for guest looking to take a break from shopping and enjoy a meal. Women looking for new clothing or accessories are encouraged to visit both Jungle Love and The Mystic Closet. Jungle Love also sells a variety of gifts that make perfect souvenirs to bring home to family and friends that couldn’t make the trip. For the antique hunters in your group, a visit to The Knickknackery is a must. This lovely antique store has a plethora of unique antiques and may even have that one antique you have been searching for! Whether you choose to spend your shopping time in malls or antiques stores while vacationing in Fern Forest/Fern Acres, you will have an unforgettable shopping experience!


  • Jungle Love
  • Volcano Art Center
  • Keaau ‘au Shopping Center
  • The Mystic Closet
  • The Knickknackery
  • Many more!! is the best and most efficient place for finding, planning, and booking your Hawaiian vacation. From the beautiful scenery and beaches located all over the islands to the unique small-town surf vibes and truly unparalleled shopping, guests of all ages are sure to have an unforgettable time. aims to take the hassle and stress out of booking your vacation rental property, so all you must do is decide if you would rather hit the beach or head into town first. Book now, the experience of a lifetime awaits!

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