Vacation rentals in Honokaa

With so many great things to do and see in Honokaa, guests are sure to work up an appetite. There is a very diverse population of restaurants in the area with one of the primary focuses being fresh from the ocean seafood. Check out the Malama Market for a meal or to purchse fresh daily catches of fish and other various seafoods. Step up your seafood experience with a dinner at the elegant Fish and Poi Company. This restaurant offers fresh seafood prepared by a trained chef and served in an elegant setting. Simply Natural is also in proximity and serves up a variety of local Hawaiian dishes. Be sure to try a few things you have never had while dining at this fine local establishment. Mix the style of food you are eating up with a meal at Aualani. Aualani serves up various Asian cuisines and is a great place to order spicy food! We urge you to pick a day while vacationing in Honokaa and indulge your desire for a scrumptious pizza from The Landing. The Landing is also a great place to enjoy an adult beverage after a day of exploring the island! With some many great restaurants and more fresh seafood then you could ever imagine, dining in Honokaa is truly a pleasure!


  • Simply Natural
  • The Landing
  • Malama Market
  • Fish and Poi Company
  • Aulani
  • Many more!!

Guests vacationing in Honokaa can rest assured that the area has more than enough retail locations to give them all the retail therapy they need! Visit Honokaa Marketplace and chec out there large selction of both fresh produce as well as various retail products. Looking for unique gifts to bring home to friends or family members that couldn’t make the trip? If so, make it a point to check out Mary Guava Designs and find a truly unique gift for your loved one. Do you like to hunt for the best deals on everything before purchasing? Save your self the time and head to The Green Chair. This local thrift store has an ever changing variety of unique items at rock bottom prices. For guests searching for new home décor while in the area, the obvious first place to visit is Honoka’a. For guests looking for a truly unique gift to bring home to family and friends, we highly suggest heading to Big Island Glass Gallery and purchasing artwork from a local artist. There is no better gift then a truly one of a kind piece of artwork created by a local artist. Whether your deal hunting at a thrift store or purchasing unique artwork from a local artist, guests are sure to love the variety of retail options in the area.


  • Honokaa Marketplace
  • Mary Guava Designs
  • The Green Chair
  • Honoka’a Treasures
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