Vacation rentals in Kurtistown

Welcome to the fantastic vacation destination of Kurtistown. Kurtistown is in Hawaii County, Hawaii on the island of Hawaii. This lovely tropical wonderland is a great place to vacation! Looking for a unique experience while in the area? Head to Kilauea Caverns of Fire and tour through the caves. There is flowing lava in the caves that is truly a sight to behold. Explore the caves and learn how the volcano and its lava has changed the formation of the caves over time. The beaches in this area are outstandingly beautiful. Spend some time on the various beaches swimming, tanning, and surfing. Guests new to surfing are encouraged to take a local surf class before hitting the waves. Do you or your fellow vacationers enjoy fishing. If so, hop on a local boat for a day of glorious spear or deep-sea fishing. Visit the state and local parks in the area and traverse their beautiful hiking trails by foot or horseback. The trails in this area lead to hidden waterfalls as well as breathtaking overlooks of the tropical scenery. Squeeze in a round of eighteen or more at the local golf courses in the area, playing golf in this beautiful setting is truly a special experience. For guests looking to see a whale in person for the first time, we highly recommend joining one of the local whale watching excursions. Seeing a massive whale in person for the first time is truly a unique experience. With so much to do and see in Kurtistown, guests are sure to have an amazing vacation!


  • Tour volcano formed caverns
  • Enjoy the beaches
  • Take a surf class
  • Take a fishing trip or two
  • Golf
  • Hike trails
  • Take a whale watching trip
  • Much more!!

Dining in Kurtistown is truly unique and diverse experience. With restaurants ranging from local Hawaiian cuisine to Thai cuisine and everything in between. When you and your fellow vacationers are looking to try the local Hawaiian cuisine, we highly recommend dining at both Kurtistown Café and Honi Wai Café. Both spellbinding establishments serve up a variety of local Hawaiian dishes and are great places to try new and exciting food! Mix up the style of food you are partaking in with a visit to Spoonful Café. The café serves up delicious Thai food including but not limited to noodle and vegetable dishes. Canton Garden Cafe is also in the area and serves up some of the only Cantonese food on the island. Lemongrass Restaurant is also in proximity and offers guests delicious Vietnamese options. With so much diversity within the dining scene in Kurtistown, guests can eat a different style of cuisine nightly for the duration of their stay!


  • Kurtistown Café
  • Lemongrass Restaurant
  • Canton Garden Café
  • Honi Wai Café
  • Spoonful Café
  • Many more!!

Shopping in Kurtistown is truly a treat due to the various styles of retail locations ranging from large scale shopping centers to mom and pop retail stores and everything in between! If you and or your fellow vacationers enjoy shopping at large shopping centers, we highly encourage you to visit both Prince Kuhio Plaza and Keaau Shopping Center. Both wonderful shopping centers are home to various retail stores as well as dining areas. If you would like to bring a little Hawaiian flair back from your vacation to decorate your home, be sure to head to Designs by Mary of Hawaii and peruse the shops fantastic home décor items. Do you or your fellow vacationers need a new piece of jewelry to wear while out on the town in Hawaii? If so, check out the high-end jewelry at Maui Divers Jewelry. If you are searching for new surfing or beach gear or clothing in the area, a trip to Hawaiian Island Creations is a must. With some many great places to shop in Kurtistown, guests are sure to have a magical time!


  • Prince Kuhio Center
  • Hawaiian Island Creations
  • Keaau Shopping Center
  • Designs by Mary of Hawaii
  • Maui Divers Jewelry
  • Many more!! is the best and most efficient place for finding, planning, and booking your Hawaiian vacation. From the beautiful scenery and beaches located all over the islands to the unique small-town surf vibes and truly unparalleled shopping, guests of all ages are sure to have an unforgettable time. aims to take the hassle and stress out of booking your vacation rental property, so all you must do is decide if you would rather hit the beach or head into town first. Book now, the experience of a lifetime awaits!