Vacation rentals in Wailua

Welcome to the beautiful island paradise of Wailua. Wailua is in Kauai County, Hawaii on the island of Kauai. This fantastic vacation destination offers guests a variety of fun filled ways to enjoy their vacation! Be sure to check out Duke’s Kayak Adventures and allow the guide to take through beautiful tropical scenery as you paddle along. For guests looking to get the perfect picture to show friends and family that couldn’t make the trip, we highly recommend taking a Photography Tour. With all the kayaking and tours, you will be taking on your vacation, we encourage guests to take some time for themselves and stop by a local spa and get a massage. After the massage guests will be feeling amazing and ready to continue their adventures! The beaches in this area are beautiful and are great places to surf, tan, and swim. We strongly encourage all guests that are new to surfing to take a beginner’s class at a local surf school before hitting the waves. After visiting the beaches, guests should consider heading out to a few of the state and local parks. These parks are filled with spellbinding hiking trails that lead to hidden waterfalls deep in the tropical forestry as well as overlooks offering unobstructed views of the local foliage. Have you ever wanted to see a whale in person? If so, be sure to join a whale watching voyage and head out to see and wait to see the massive mammals pop out of the ocean for air. The sheer mass of the whales is truly impressive! With some many great activities offered in the area, guests are sure to have an unforgettable vacation in Wailua!


  • Visit Duke’s Kayak Adventures
  • Take a photography tour
  • Get a massage
  • Swim, surf, and tan on beaches
  • Take a surf class
  • Traverse amazing hiking trails
  • Take a whale watching voyage
  • Many more!!

With so many great ways to have fun and enjoy your time in Wailua, guests are sure to work up an appetite. Start your morning off right by stopping by the quaint Coffee Gallery and enjoying a cup of local Hawaiian coffee and a delicious breakfast. Sounds like the perfect way to fill up and get ready for a day of hiking or surfing! We also recommend visiting Paalaa Kai bakery either for delicious breakfast pastries or to pick up a loaf of artisan bread. When you and your fellow vacationers are interested in trying the local Hawaiian cuisine, we suggest stopping in for a meal at Kono’s Restaurant. This local Hawaiian restaurants serves up a variety of different Hawaiian dishes and is a great place to try new things! Mix the style of food that your eating up with some spicy shrimp and other Cajun dishes at Dat Cajun Guy. Banzai Sushi Bar is also in proximity and serves up hand rolled sushi using only the freshest local seafood. Whether your looking to devour spicy shrimp and Cajun dishes or munch on local Hawaiian cuisine, you will find a little bit of everything while dining in Wailua!


  • Kono’s Restaurant
  • Coffee Gallery
  • Dat Cajun Guy
  • Paalaa Kai Bakery
  • Banzai Sushi Bar
  • Many more!!

When shopping on vacation, do you and or your fellow vacationers prefer to shop for items unique to the place you are visiting? If so, you are going to love shopping in Wailua. Check out The Soap Cellar for locally handmade scented soaps. Head to Hawaii Music Supply and consider purchasing a Hawaiian ukulele or pick up some new accessories for the other instruments you own. Craving a delicious snack? Head to North Shore Macadamia Nut Company and try their amazing local nuts or head to Red Barn Farmstand and sample a variety of the local Hawaiian produce. Be sure to try the fresh Hawaiian pineapples, there is nowhere else in the world that has such delicious pineapples. Looking for a unique piece of memorabilia to commemorate your vacation in Wailua? Head to Clark Little Gallery and socialize with local artist and consider purchasing a piece done by a local artist. Bringing home local art work is one of the most unique souvenirs you can bring home with a vacation. From local artwork to music supply stores and even fresh macadamia nuts and produce, shopping in Wailua is truly centered around the unique local culture of Wailua!


  • The Soap Cellar
  • Clark Little Gallery
  • Hawaii Music Supply
  • North Shore Macadamia Nut Company
  • Red Barn Farmstand
  • Many more!! is the best and most efficient place for finding, planning, and booking your Hawaiian vacation. From the beautiful scenery and beaches located all over the islands to the unique small-town surf vibes and truly unparalleled shopping, guests of all ages are sure to have an unforgettable time. aims to take the hassle and stress out of booking your vacation rental property, so all you must do is decide if you would rather hit the beach or head into town first. Book now, the experience of a lifetime awaits!