Vacation rentals in Halawa

Welcome to the tropical paradise of Hawala, located on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii. While in the area be sure to visit Pearl Harbor and show your respects to the brave men and women that lost their lives in the tragic attack. There is also an Aviation Museum located near Pearl Harbor. The museum is perfect for any flight enthusiasts and is sure to teach vacationers of all ages a thing or two about the history of flight. If you are vacationing during the college football season be sure to take in a game or two at Aloha Stadium. Aloha Stadium is the biggest outdoor stadium in Hawaii and is home to the University of Hawaii Fighting Rainbows football team. Hawala and the surrounding areas are also home to a large variety of beaches. Be sure to spend a few days exploring different beaches as well as swimming, sun tanning, and surfing. The beaches vary in sizes, but each beach has its own unique tropical beauty. If you need more adventure in your trip, charter a boat and head out on a guided day of snorkeling or scuba diving in the ocean. If you want a unique view of the entire island, consider chartering a helicopter tour. Imagine taking in the all the breathtaking scenery the island and surrounding ocean have to offer, from high above the clouds on your personal helicopter tour. Sounds like an amazing vacation, filled with plenty of fun and excitement.


  • Visit Pearl Harbor
  • Visit Aviation Museum
  • Catch a game at Aloha Stadium
  • Explore, swim, tan, and surf beaches
  • Snorkel or scuba dive
  • Charter helicopter tour
  • Many More

With all the relaxing and exciting activities in the area, guests are sure to work up an appetite. Looking for a breakfast/brunch restaurant to get your morning started right? Look no further than Restaurant 604! This restaurant specializes in breakfast meals but is also open for lunch and dinner and serves up a fusion of American dishes with a Hawaiian flair. Be sure to try the ahi tuna nachos if you visit for lunch or dinner. Hughley’s Southern Cuisine is also in proximity and serves up a variety of soul food and Southern style foods. Be sure to try the fried chicken while at Hughley’s, we promise you won’t regret it! Are you or your fellow vacationers looking for some fresh from the ocean sushi while on vacation? If so, make sure to head down to the Sushi Spot and try a variety of fresh sashimi and rolls. When you are ready to try an authentic fully Hawaiian meal head to Kehau’s Kitchen. This delicious restaurant serves up a variety of authentic Hawaiian dishes and is the perfect place to expand your culinary horizon. With these great restaurant options plus many more, guest vacationing in Hawala will never go hungry!


  • Restaurant 604
  • Hughley’s Southern Cuisine
  • Sushi Spot
  • Kehau’s Kitchen
  • Many More!

Hawala is so much to do that it would be easy to forget about the shopping in the area. We at implore you not to let this happen. Hawala and the surrounding areas are known for the large variety of unique and spellbinding malls and retail locations. If you are shopping for the best of the best in jewelry, watches, and gifts be sure to visit the Royal Hawaiian Center. This center features many of the top designer’s retail locations in Hawaii including the world-renowned Cartier. Pick up something special for that special someone in your life! While in the area also make sure to visit the Hawaii Kai Center. This shopping center is open 24/7 and is the perfect place to buy gifts, shop for jewelry, or even grab a quick bite tonight. The center features both big box retails and smaller boutique style retail locations. When you want to mix up your high-end shopping locations head over to Kings’ Shops. This location features high end jewelry and luxury items for sale as well as a farmer’s market that opens every weekend. With these glorious retail locations and many more guest will receive all the retail therapy they can handle when vacationing in Hawala.


  • Royal Hawaiian Center
  • Hawaii Kai Center
  • Kings’ Shops
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