Vacation rentals in Maunawili

Welcome to the tropical paradise of Maunawili, located in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This beautiful area offers many fun and exciting ways to enjoy your vacation. Start your trip off right with a visit to the majestic Manoa Falls. This large waterfall is truly a site to behold. After checking out the waterfall, head to any of the state or local parks in the area. The parks are full of spellbinding hiking trails leading to hidden waterfalls or breathtaking overlooks. The area is also covered in beaches. Spend a day or more exploring different beaches while surfing, swimming, and tanning. For guest that have never surfed before we recommend taking a surfing class at one of the many local surf schools. Are you interested in seeing and learning about the marine life in the area? Take a scuba diving or snorkeling trip and checkout the various schools of fish and other creatures of the ocean. There are also multiple companies in the area offering whale watching excursions. Take a trip and spot some of the massive whales in the ocean. There is nothing like the first time you see a monstrous whale in person. There is so much to see and do in the area, that guest may have to visit a few times to experience all Maunawili has to offer!


  • Check out Manoa Falls
  • Hike trails in state and local parks
  • Explore beaches
  • Take surf class
  • Surf, swim, and tan on beaches
  • Snorkel
  • Scuba dive
  • Much more!

With some much to do and see in the area guests are sure to work up an appetite. Kono’s is a local breakfast joint in the area and is a great place to sip your morning coffee and fuel up before a day of adventure. Looking for a way to cool down after a glorious hike? Grab a Hawaiian shaved ice treat at Island Snow. Buzz’s Original Steak House is also in the area and serves up locally sourced beef and seafood. Uahi Island Grill is in proximity and serves up a variety of local Hawaiian staples. Be sure to try a few different dishes so you can fully understand the local cuisine. We also recommend a visit to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers while in the area. This burger joint serves up massive and delicious burgers and is a great way to treat yourself while vacation in Maunawili. Guest will never have to go far when in this area to find a scrumptious meal!


  • Kono’s
  • Island Snow
  • Buzz’s Original Steak House
  • Uahi Island Grill
  • Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
  • Many more!

Maunawili is not only a great place for adventuring, but it is also a great place to shop. The shopping in this area is as vast as it is abundant. Looking for women’s clothing stores in the area to start your day of shopping off right. Visit Olive Boutique, Wimini Hawaii, or Global Village for all your clothing needs while in the island. Kailua Town Center is also in the area and offers a variety of unique retailers. Guest could spend hours pursuing all the great stores and outlets in this mall! Need some new sandals while in the area? Make a pit stop and pick up a new pair at the Flip Flop Shop. With the fantastic options listed above and many more in the area, guests will never have to look far for fantastic shopping in Maunawili.


  • Olive Boutique
  • Wimini Hawaii
  • Global Village
  • Kailua Town Center
  • Flip Flop Shop
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