Vacation rentals in Punaluu

Welcome to the spellbind Punaluu, located in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This beautiful area has a variety of fun and exciting activities for guests of all ages. Start your trip off right with a visit to a few of the beautiful beaches in the area. These beaches are the perfect place to spend a few days swimming, tanning, and surfing. For guests that have never surfed or are new to surfing, consider taking a surf class at one of the many local surf schools. There are also a few hike trails that shoot off from the beaches and lead to cliffs or overlooks. Hike or climb from the beach to the top of an overlook and look out into the vastness of the ocean! After exploring the beaches head to one of the local companies in the area offering scuba diving and snorkeling trips. Spend a day or a half day out in the water observing the majestic creatures of the sea. Once you have scuba dived or snorkeled and have your feet firmly back on dry land, it will be time to hit the parks. There are many state and local parks in the area that are chalked full of spellbinding hiking tails leading through the lush tropical forestry. It is rumored that some of the hiking trails even lead to hidden majestic waterfalls deep in the tropical forestry. Whether your looking relax on a beach or hike through the tropics, Punaluu is the perfect vacation destination for you!


  • Snorkel
  • Scuba Dive
  • Explore beaches/ hike around beaches
  • Swim, surf, and tan on beaches
  • Take a surf class
  • Traverse hiking trails in state or local parks
  • Many more!

With some many adventures to partake in, guests are sure to work up an appetite. When your ready to go out on a limb and try some new cuisine in Punaluu we recommend a visit to wither Kaya’s Kitchen or Keneke’s Grill. Both fine establishments serve up local Hawaiian cuisine and are great places to try some new food you have never experience before! If you want to mix your food styles up while in the area, visit Hauula Korean BBQ for a unique BBQ meal. Looking for fresh from the ocean seafood? Kens Fresh Fish serves up some of the freshest ocean caught fish on the island! If after trying everything listed above you are still looking for more diversity in your dining, head to North Shore Tacos for delicious tacos and other Mexican fare.


  • Kaya’s Kitchen
  • Keneke’s Grill
  • Hauula Korean BBQ
  • Kens Fresh Fish
  • North Shore Tacos
  • Many more!

Punaluu is not only know for its amazing culinary scene, but also for its fantastic shopping. Stop by Hukilau Marketplace for a truly Hawaiian shopping experience. This marketplace sells and little bit of everything and all offers live entertainment from time to time. After visiting the marketplace head to Laie Shopping Center. This center has a variety of retailer and a liquor store for guest looking to sip and adult beverage later in the evening. We recommend a visit to Rainbow castle for all your gift and souvenir needs. If you’re in the market for new beach clothing be sure to visit Nona’s Tropical Threads. This unique boutique store will have you looking like the most stylish person on the beach! With all the great retail locations listed above, as well as the many others in proximity, guests will never have to go far to shop!


  • Hukilau Marketplace
  • Laie Shopping Center
  • Rainbow Castle
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