Vacation rentals in Wheeler AFB

Welcome to the wonderful tropical paradise of Wheeler Air Force Base located in Honolulu, Hawaiian on the island of Oahu. This beautiful area is the ideal vacation destination for guests of all ages! Start your trip off right with a visit to the famous Dole Plantation. Learn how one of the biggest pineapple plantations in the world grows and process the fruit. After visiting the plantation head just up the road and charter a private helicopter tour of the island. Imagine flying through the sky as gaze down upon the beautiful island from your chopper window. We then recommend visiting a few of the state and local parks in the area. These parks are filled with spellbinding hiking trails leading to hidden waterfalls or overlooks offering unbridled nature views. For guests that don’t want to traverse the parks by foot, there are several companies in the area offering guided horseback rides through some of the trails. The beaches in the area are also a must-see attraction. Spend days of the beaches swimming, tanning, and surfing. For guests that are new to surfing we recommend taking one of the many beginners surfing classes offered in the area. Would your or your fellow vacationers like to experience the majestic marine life of the area? If so, consider taking a day long scuba diving or snorkeling trip or boarding a whale watching voyage. With some much to see and do in the area, guests are sure to have an unforgettable vacation!


  • Visit Dole Plantation
  • Charter helicopter tour
  • Traverse trails by foot
  • Traverse trails upon horseback
  • Swim, tan, and surf on beaches
  • Take surf class
  • Scuba dive or snorkel
  • Take whale watching voyage
  • Much more!

With so much to do and see near Wheeler Air Force Base, guests are sure to work up an appetite. Start your day of fun and adventure off right with a delicious breakfast at Sunnyside. From pancakes to eggs and everything in between this lovely breakfast café will have you fueled up and ready for a day of fun. When your ready to try the local Hawaiian cuisine, be sure to stop by Iamanu’s Samoan Food. Try a variety of Hawaiian classics and expand your palate at this delicious local restaurant. If you would like to mix up the styles of cuisine you part take in while in the area, we recommend visiting Banzai Sushi for fresh seafood and sushi rolls or Barrio Café for delicious Mexican cuisine. We also recommend visiting HiBlend while in the area and trying a few of their delicious fruit juices. With some many diverse and exciting dining options in the area, guests will never have to look far for a great meal!


  • Banzai Sushi Bar
  • Barrio Café
  • HiBlend
  • Sunnyside
  • Iamanu’s Samoan Food
  • Many more!

For guests looking to shop in the area, Wheeler Air Force Base and the surrounding areas offer a diverse variety of retail locations. Start your day of shopping off right with a visit to the Mililani Shopping Center. This shopping mall features a variety of retailers as well as restaurants for guests to dine in. If you’re in the market for a new comic to read on the beach, a visit to Dragons Lair is a must. Need a new pillow for your plane ride home? If so check out the amazingly comfortable pillows and blankets from Sky Dreams. If the women in your group are looking to purchase some unique and local Hawaiian clothing or beach wear, be sure to visit Niu. This area is also home to a various local farmers markets offering a variety of fresh picked fruit and vegetables. With so many great shopping options in the area, guests will never have to look far to get the retail therapy they need!


  • Nui
  • Mililani Shopping Center
  • Dragons Lair
  • Sky Dreams
  • Various local farmers markets
  • Many more! is the best and most efficient place for finding, planning, and booking your Hawaiian vacation. From the beautiful scenery and beaches located all over the islands to the unique small-town surf vibes and truly unparalleled shopping, guests of all ages are sure to have an unforgettable time. aims to take the hassle and stress out of booking your vacation rental property, so all you must do is decide if you would rather hit the beach or head into town first. Book now, the experience of a lifetime awaits!

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