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My husband Rodger and I took our very first vacation together was to Destin, Florida, in 1985. This was when our dream of owning a vacation home somewhere on the Gulf Coast began. We returned to Destin year after year, but it was changing. Every year there were more tourist attractions, more chain restaurants, and the beaches were steadily becoming more crowded. In 1999, for our 10th wedding anniversary, we decided to try Perdido Key for the first time. We instantly fell in love with the island. It was a sleepy, laid-back town that reminded us of the way Destin used to be, and the best part was that because of the National Seashore, it would stay that way. There was no question that this was where we wanted to make our dream become a reality. Fast forward to 2015 and the time had come to make our dream come true! It took us 30 years, but here we are finally living our Perdido Dream…