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We are Peter & Tink. We've been together since the late 80's and it was love at first sight--it was magical. We are originally from Orange County and have lived in a few Beach homes, among other places. We have both traveled in our lives and my husband used to be an Olympic (2 Silver Medals) and Pro Athlete Water Polo player so he has been all over the world-many times. We also lived in Italy, while he played professionally. We LOVE to experience different people, cultures and foods. We also love nature,design,garden & DIY projects and ANIMALS. We love Animals and have rescued and fostered for the local rescues. We love to travel with our Pets but it's not always easy to do. Some Pet Owners give a bad rap to the rest of us who are super responsible. We used to rent out this house through a Real Estate Agency back in 2001--before construction. The house got trashed by many Guests who showed little regard and an Agency that was only interested in their commissions. So, now, we have a say as to who comes to our home. We LOVE our Guests. We work very hard on their behalf to provide a tranquil place that they can relax, unwind and get in touch with nature. We like privacy, so we give it to our Guests-but we are here in case anyone needs us. We both used to work in TV/Film production and post production. We know what it’s like to work TOO much and need some time in nature. In 2002, we moved here full time and and added on and started re-doing the rest of this now almost 5000 square foot home. We are always working on improvements and are always doing maintenance. We are on the sunny, windy side of the lake. The elements are brutal to paint and we have to repaint several things each year. We should be professional paint testers. We have tried so many. ;-) We truly LOVE living here. It's like being on vacation and every day we give THANKS for this beauty and this view of the mountains and lake. We love all of the visits we get from the forest critters. We have many fun stories of encounters. So, all of those things led us to offer our Apartment & Suite on Airbnb & Vrbo and our page: 'Stardust Chalet' on the social network that starts with an F and ends in a K. We are excited for others to come and enjoy this place. We want you to bring your PET and come and RELAX, Meditate and unwind and commune with nature and yourself. :-)