About Us
Hawaii Chee helps you to find the perfect vacation rental at the best possible price.

Who we are?

We’re a team of software developers who love to travel. But, like you, we found it a real challenge to reach owners and property managers to ask questions and get the best price. We always had to go through the big online travel agents (OTAs) or listing sites.

That wasn’t working for us, and it certainly wasn’t working for owners because of the exorbitant commissions or frustrating markups. We wanted a direct channel of communication to ask questions, negotiate pricing, and find out more about the destination.

At the same time, some of us have backgrounds in vacation rentals. We’ve experienced the same challenges that other owners have. We wanted to get to know the folk who would be staying in our homes, share our knowledge with them, and give them the best possible experience.

There was only one way to get what we wanted. By doing it ourselves!

So we built HawaiiChee.com, a local, vacation rental comparison site that allows you to find the best selection of rental properties in Hawaii, compare prices from owners and OTAs, and get directly in touch with property managers. The site is fast, attractive, and easy to navigate, offering a great user experience for travelers and property managers alike.

But that’s not all! At ShakaCode, we’re leveraging our reusable IP, expertise, and experience to build modern, attractive, and high-performance business, e-commerce, marketplace, and information sharing websites. Professional but easy going with competitive pricing, transparent billing, and flexible resource allocation, ShakaCode makes it happen!

For help with your project, email us at contact@shakacode.com.

HawaiiChee: Our Mission

For travelers: Build a vacation rental marketplace offering direct access to owners and property managers that we, as property managers, could recommend to family or friends looking for the best value and selection for a great vacation rental in Hawaii.

For owners and property managers: Build a vacation rental marketplace that’s easy to use, offers seamless integration with vacation rental software systems, and generates inquiries that turn into bookings at a reduced customer acquisition cost for optimal profit.