About Us

Hawaii Chee offers the perfect meeting place for hosts and guests.

We are Hosts

We are part of a community of hosts that have long been committed to sharing vacation homes with travelers. Many of us are struggling with the changes introduced by big listing sites that we feel limit our abilities to deliver excellent experiences to our guests.

As hosts, we want to communicate openly with our guests, and be confident with who stays in our homes. We discovered that there is a need for a site that offers tools for owners to run independent businesses. These are our vacation homes and we want to run them our way.

We are Travelers

Besides being owners, we also share the love of travel! We therefore see traveling from both sides. When we are getting ready to go, we want to communicate with the owners of the places we stay. We want to ask questions about our travel destinations, or verify details about the home.

Who wants to pay service fees when we can just book directly with an owner? We value transparency, building relationships, cultivating trust, privacy, and open connections. As a traveller, you want to plan your trip your way.