Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Hawaii Chee compare to other listing sites?
Hawaii Chee
Basic vacation rental listing
Hawaii Chee:Checked
Access to guests’ email and phone number prior to booking.
Hawaii Chee:Checked
Airbnb:X Mark
Link to other websites
Hawaii Chee:Checked
Airbnb:X Mark
Host and Listing Privacy Options
Hawaii Chee:Checked
Airbnb:X Mark
Guest Lists
Hawaii Chee:Checked
Airbnb:X Mark
Calendars, seasonal pricing, and online bookings
Hawaii Chee:Checked
What is our mission?

To enrich the travel experience by creating a network that connects hosts and guests.

Host Focused

We value our hosts and help provide incremental value to the hosts experience via our technology platform.

Our hosts' successful vacation rental is our business, we're here to help it grow!


Hawaii Chee strives to be honest, transparent and open with aligning the best interests of both hosts and guests.


Our smiles are always free. We love having one to one relationships with our hosts and guests, and encourage them to do the same!

Security and Privacy

Our host and guest security and privacy is very important to us. Our technology platform utilises the latest and greatest in online security, and we have also built a a suite of listing privacy tools that protect our users

How does host and listing privacy work on Hawaii Chee?

With Hawaii Chee, hosts can choose to remain anonymous by hiding their personal details and avatar as well as only displaying an approximate location for their listing.

A host can provide full listing details to select individuals by inviting them or approving their booking request. This enables security conscious hosts to screen potential guests before sharing sensitive details about themselves and their listing.

What is the guest list feature?
  • A guest list is a collection of individuals who have been invited to or booked a listing.
  • Only guest list members and invitees of an exclusive listing can see the complete listing (exact listing location, all photos, and host’s avatar and info).
  • Hosts can use email invites, in-app user invites, and special share links to invite prior guests, friends, contacts, and other Hawaii Chee users to their listings.
  • A guest list allows hosts and guests to easily connect.
As a host, how do I build up my listing’s guest list?

Guest list suggestions are generated by Hawaii Chee and include individuals who have viewed or favorited your listing. You can send out invites to the individuals on your Guest List suggestions page. Hosts can also invite individuals to Guest Lists by sending an invitation to Hawaii Chee users or to anyone by email. Members can join or leave a Guest List at any time.

How do I get on a guest list?

If you favorite a listing, the host will get a notification that you’re interested in joining the Guest List. You could also message the host directly. Ensure you have a completed profile so hosts can get to know a bit about you.

Are online bookings available for listings?

We are working hard to have online booking requests available soon. Payment options will by handled by the host. Future plans include a booking engine and payments through Hawaii Chee as an option for hosts to utilize.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you signed up with Facebook, you don’t need a password to log in. You can simply click on the Facebook login button on the login page.

Otherwise, visit this link to reset your password. If you need further assistance, please click the chat icon in the lower right of this page.

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