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We do regionally focused SEO and social media marketing for your rental so you don't have to.

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Proven Marketing Formula

Our proven marketing efforts go beyond organic SEO and Google AdWords. Our social media engagement and ads target travelers to Hawaii.

Subscription, Not Booking Fees

$349/year subscription model. Cancel anytime. Guests can book on your website. Money back guarantee. We still have about 20 free listing subscriptions of our 100 for launch. Don't delay!

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Communicate directly via in-app messaging. We'll never filter or modify your conversations to remove phone numbers, emails, or website addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign up now?
  • Only 100 listings get a complimentary one year subscription.
  • Listing date and quality affect search result order.
  • Complimentary social media marketing starts immediately.
Why not sign up now?
  • It takes too much time to create listings. Our team will upload your listings.
  • Do I have to leave VRBO, Airbnb, etc.? Absolutely not! We complement your marketing efforts on other sites and we do not interfere with any of them.
If I am on the big sites, why do I need Hawaii Chee?

We know that the big sites (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) use the same advanced marketing techniques to bring you inquiries. It’s not enough to sit around and wait for their systems to bring you all of your business. You should use these same marketing techniques to promote your website to bring additional inquiries beyond the big sites inquiries. However, figuring out how to do this can feel like a lot of work.

We are based here in Hawaii and feature a comprehensive community guide to help market your vacation rental. Information about the community in which your guest will vacation is just as important as information about your vacation rental. We also manage online communities on social media. These communities can help raise awareness of your rental listings.

How will I get more inquiries?

We’re applying the same formula that is working in Florida with over 1300 paid listings, per this detailed marketing plan.

How are you qualified to do this?

We’re bringing together deep technical expertise with the marketing prowess of Emerald Coast by Owner.

Why is a regional listing site better than a national listing site?

Being a regional site, Hawaii Chee can focus marketing efforts on travelers to Hawaii to bring Hawaiian listings more inquiries. It is easy for your listing to become lost among the thousands of listings on a national listing site. Additionally, we can focus our listing recruitment efforts within Hawaii so that we can have a sufficient selection of rentals.

Is there a FEE per booking?

NO. We are a subscription-based service for unlimited inquiries. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to list your rental on our site. We do not require any commission or charge you any other fees when you take a booking on your rental.

Can I see my inquiries’ emails and phone numbers?

Yes, we will never cloak or hide emails or phone numbers from your inquiries. They are your inquiries.

What about SEO for this site?

SEO is important to allow your listing to be found via search engines. We are pros at SEO, and our site is going to provide exposure for your listings via this channel. SEO is not enough anymore, however. As vacationers are inundated with search ads and listing sites, they will seek out social recommendations via social media.

Who can list on this site? is for properties located in the entire state of Hawaii. If you are outside of Hawaii, you can still create a listing and guests can search in your area. However, we do not actively advertise your listing as we do for our Hawaiian listings. For this reason, listing outside of Hawaii is free.

What is the relationship between,, and is a joint effort between Friends and Guests, LLC and iVacationOnline, LLC to bring to Hawaii a combination of the technical expertise of Friends and Guests with the vacation rental marketing expertise proven in the website of Emerald Coast by Owner. Any bookmarks that went to still work and go to the Hawaii Chee site.

What does the name Hawaii Chee mean?

Chee is a Hawaiian pidgin word used for emphasis, often when talking about something good, and it’s often seen in the expression “cheehoo” which is the Hawaiian equivalent of “yahoo.”

Our Strategy is Proven in Florida
at our partner,

We love the community based marketing of ECBYO.COM. We have 4 homes in Emerald Shores in Destin and it is nice to see one site working to market our area.

Jay & Betty Coppic

Destin, FL

Within 3 days of completion, I received an inquiry. To date, in the same time fame I have received more inquiries on my ECBO than I have on the VRBO site.

John & Michelle Pollock

Gulf Shores, AL

I've gotten several inquiries on ECBYO lately and even got my FIRST booking yesterday. So, for a start-up listing site, you are doing a fabulous job. I'm on a few other NEW listings since last February 2016 and I've gotten NOTHING

Gene Oliver

Panama City Beach, FL

Within the two weeks we have been listed on Emerald Coast by Owner, we have received several inquires and two bookings. We are very excited about the results, and glad to be part of this listing site that focuses on the beautiful Emerald Coast.

Glenda Huffman

Gulf Shores, AL

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We are currently implementing our subscriptions system. Once it is ready, Listings in Hawaii will cost $349 per year. We will offer a 25% discount to hosts that sign up multiple listings at once. Property managers with many listings should directly. We still have about 20 free listing subscriptions of our 100 for launch. Don't delay!

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