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The FatChang Cabin

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To our family and friends (and friends of friends), welcome to the FatChang Cabin in Grand Lake, CO. We hope you'll be able to visit and enjoy it as much as we do. Please see the calendar and "About This Listing" section for more information.

- Stephen and Jill


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Entire home/apt
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Towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper


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1 night
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- About Grand Lake and RMNP

- Bedrooms and Loft

- Calendar

- Rates and Payment

- Liability

- Cleaning

- Small children

- Pets

- Once we've confirmed your visit, we'll send you a welcome email with payment instructions, directions and the door code.

Below are instructions for Opening, Enjoying and Closing the cabin.



~ Bedrooms: The front upstairs bedroom has a queen bed. The back upstairs bedroom has a queen

bed with a double bed bunk above it.

---- There are clean sheets on the beds in the upstairs bedrooms.

---- There are extra sheets and towels in the bedroom closets

---- We generally don’t have guests use the bed in the master bedroom (unless arranged prior)

~ Bathrooms: There are two bathrooms. One off the main room and one in the master bedroom.

~ Washer/Dryer: Is in the master bath. Dishwasher detergent is under the sink.



~ The main heat for the cabin is the heating stove in the middle of the living room

~ There is also electric heat in every room

~ The electric heat in the main room is set to 3.5. You shouldn’t need to change it unless the heating stove isn’t working.

~ Controlling the Gas Heating Stove:

---- This is a remote-controlled gas heating stove. The heating stove remote is on the kitchen


---- There is a thermostat built into the remote. The remote’s screen will show the current cabin


---- To turn on, press the “Off” and Big Flame button at the same time. The stove should beep 3 times and then light.

---- Thermostat control (see Photos for picture of remote)

•••••• Press the “Set” button a few times and you will see the remote screen cycle through the

different stove modes/settings.

•••••• Stop when you get to the small “Sun” image, for Thermostat mode. The current thermostat

temperature setting will show on the screen.

•••••• To change the temperature setting, press and hold the “Set” button again until the temperature blinks. Use the “Big Flame” and “Little Flame” buttons to change the temperature.

••••• We typically set it to between 68 and 70 during the day and turn it down to 64 at night, but you can set it how you’d like.

---- Manual control

•••••• You can also turn the stove up and down with just the “Big Flame” and “Little Flame” buttons

•••••• The cabin is well insulated, so if you leave the stove on all the time, even on Lo, the cabin may

get too warm.

•••••• To turn the stove off, press the “Off” button. The stove should beep once and shut off.



~ Patio Umbrella: There is a green patio table umbrella on the floor in the living room. Feel free to set

it up, but please remember to close it when you’re not using it and at night, especially if it’s windy,

or it can blow away. Opening it just 3/4 of the way can also help.

~ BBQ: There is a gas BBQ on the deck. You will need to turn the propane tank on the first time you

use it.

---- To light the BBQ, open the lid, turn the front burner knob to “Start” and press the ignition button

until you see it light. You can then turn on the other two burners.

~ Sliding Door: Please be gentle with the sliding door to the deck. It is getting old and fragile.

~ Internet: We do not have internet at the cabin, but our neighbors have given us the password to

their Wifi network. The wifi network and password are in your welcome email. The signal is strongest at the dining table.

~ Recycling: There is a white can under the sink for recycling.

~ Trash: Grand Lake uses blue pre-pay trash bags. There should be a blue trash bag in the kitchen

trash and there are extra trash bags in the drawer nearest the trash can. The town dumpsters are

just across W. Portal Ave (see map).

---- Drive back down Harmon St, cross W Portal Rd to onto Center Dr. Turn Right on Plant Dr.



~ Mountain Market is a wonderful small market with fresh produce just down the hill, owned by our neighbors Brenda and Jim. There is a steep footpath to it at the bottom of Perry St, if you want to walk.

~ Rocky Mountain National Park is just 2 miles away up US-34. A 1-day pass is $20/car. A 7-day pass is $30/car.

~ Town is less than a mile away. Drive or walk down Grand Ave next to Mountain Market.

~ Our favorite restaurants in town are

---- The Sagebrush (BBQ, $$)

---- The Rapids (steak/seafood, $$$)

---- Cy’s Deli (sandwiches, $)

---- We haven’t been, but have heard that Fat Cat Café (breakfast, $$) is good.

---- The historic Grand Lake Lodge is just above our cabin and has beautiful views of Grand Lake and

Shadow Mountain Lake and the town. They have a restaurant and bar.

•••••• You can walk to it by walking up Park Ave until the end then continuing past the gate onto the lodge’s service road. Stay to your right and you’ll get to the lodge’s wedding knoll overlooking the town and a long flight of stairs up to the lodge. It’s about a 1 mile walk each way. You can also get there by driving up US-34 towards the National Park and turning right at the sign for Grand Lake Lodge.


CLOSING THE CABIN: Thanks for staying. Please help us get the cabin ready for the next guest by doing the following.

~ Strip beds and leave used sheets and towels next to the washer/dryer in the master bathroom

~ Wash dishes. No problem leaving them out on the drying mat.

~ Wipe down counters and table

~ Turn off heating stove (press Off button on remote)

~ Leave the thermostat in the main room set at 3.5.

~ Turn off all other thermostats (BRs and Bath).

~ Put cover on BBQ and check that the propane is turned off

~ Bring patio umbrella inside

~ Lock sliding doors

~ Close and lock all windows

~ Empty bathroom waste baskets into kitchen trash

~ Take trash to Pay-As-You-Throw dumpster (see map)

---- Drive back down Harmon St, cross W Portal Rd onto Center Dr. Turn Right on Plant Dr.

~ If you generated a lot of recycling, please try to take some of it back with you. There is no regular

town recycling pick up.

~ Close living room and master bedroom curtains

~ Turn off all lights, including outside lights 

~ To lock the front door, press the Schlage button and turn knob clockwise)

~ Please text or email us to let us know that you have left the cabin.


Thank you!! We hope you had a great time and come back soon!!

- Stephen and Jill


House rules

  • BulletNo events or parties
  • BulletNo smoking
  • BulletNot suitable for pets
  • BulletNo infants (0-2 years)
  • BulletChild-friendly (3-12 years)


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